A recent study concluded that the main contributor to carbon emissions from a festival-type event, were those generated by persons travelling to the event itself.

We would ask you to consider lower carbon emission baed transport, such as buses or trains, as an alternative to driving.

If your travel plans necessitate the need to drive, please consider car sharing.

More detailed information on travel options are available on the Travel page of our FAQ's.


As responsible operators, Hideaway Festival are keen to make recycling as easy as possible at our event, but we still need your help!

We have recycling bins across both the festival site and the campsite, and we strongly encourage our guests to use these facilities as often as possible.

Each bin has an easy to use guide, so you can make sure the correct waste goes into the correct bin, it takes a few seconds to do and really helps us with our commitment to take care of our beautiful planet.

We also encourage all of our traders and food outlets to use recyclable packaging, food containers and cutlery.

Hideaway Festival value the opinion of our guests, so if you have any suggestions for improving our recycling scheme please come and talk to us.

Tents & Things

We know that sometimes its tempting to pack everything including the kitchen sink when heading off for a weekend of camping, but please remember to take it all home again once all the fun of the weekend is over!

Abandoned tents result in a huge amount of work for our environmental teams, so please take them home with you. If your tent hasn't survived the weekend, please take it down and drop it off at the campsite recycling point before heading home.

Should you have any broken chairs, gazebos', etc please also bring these to the recycling area before leaving the site.

We would ask that single use plastic is avoided where possible, although we do allow plastic bottles to be used as refillable water carriers.

Drinking Water

All water points in public areas are free to use and suitable for drinking, unless indicated otherwise, by means of warning signs.

Please feel free to use these water points throughout the festival.