The team at Hideaway Festival put a huge amount of work into making sure your weekend with us is a safe and enjoyable experience.

We take our responsibility toward our guest safety and security very seriously. The entire site is monitored 24/7 during the festival by trained and experienced personnel, comprising of a team of security guards and stewards within the site itself, alongside a team of CCTV operators and event safety managers whom work from a central point to co-ordinate the security operation.

Our security team at Hideaway are easily recognisable and will all carry identification cards, should you need their assistance with any issues during your time at the festival, please just ask, they are there to help. We also have a security / information point in both the main arena and campsite itself, which are both open for the duration of the event.

Hideaway festival operate a search policy prior to entry to both the campsite and arena areas, please check the 'Essentials' page for a list of permitted items.

Random searches may also take place within the festival site, if our security team feel there is just cause to do so.

We do allow our guests to bring small bags into the arena, we do however request that nothing larger than a standard shopping bag is used.

All entry conditions can be found on the signage leading to both the campsite and arena entrances on site.

Hideaway Festival and any persons acting on their behalf, have the right to deny access to the site at their discretion.

We would, of course, always ask you to report any suspicious behaviour or something that doesn't look quite right to a member of our staff.

Safety Information

The safety of all of our guests,, is equally as important as the security of our guests, and we have lots of facilities and procedures in place to ensure your time with us is fun, but safe!

Alongside our security team, we also have a dedicated team of stewards, who can assist you with any safety concerns or queries you may have during your visit to the festival. Our stewards are easily recognisable and will all have an identification badge on display, please just ask if you need their assistance.

We have designated First Aid, Medical points in both the campsite and arena areas, providing medical help and support from minor injuries to more serious medical conditions.

Our welfare tent also offers an area for any persons feeling distressed or in need of some quiet time away from the crowds. The welfare tent is operated by trained staff and also has a direct contact number which will be active for the duration of the festival, the number will be issued closer to the event.

We also have a designated lost children point, managed by a fully trained member of staff throughout the festival, please see our dedicated 'Child safety' section for more details.

In the event of an Emergency, full safety instructions will be issued, and our staff will be on hand to assist you. All emergency exits will be well sign posted, lit and easily identifiable.

Should you happen to spot anything during your time at the festival that looks like it needs the attention of our safety staff, please let us know.

Campsite Safety

A festival campsite can sometimes seem like a daunting place to be, especially if its your first visit to a festival, however the team at Hideaway strive to make sure your stay in our campsite is a safe, fun and enjoyable one!

Our campsites are managed by a dedicated team of friendly and approachable stewards and security guards, whom take care of the site from the moment it opens until the moment is closes. The team is based in the Campsite reception, which can be accessed day and night, should you have any concerns, require some assistance or just want to pop by and say hello!

We also have on-site medical facilities available to all our campers' which can be also be found at the campsite reception.

Fire fighting equipment is also available from Campsite reception, however in the first instance please alert a member of staff should an emergency fire situation take place.

We do allow our guests to bring alcohol into the campsite areas, we would however request that you drink responsibly and politely remind our guests that we as a festival do not tolerate any anti-social behaviour, any persons failing to adhere to a warning regarding their behaviour may be asked to leave the festival site.

cooking is allowed on our campsites, please see the 'Essentials' page for a list of permitted stoves, we would however ask that any guest wishing to cook, does so with caution and respect to others nearby. Any guests' cooking activity that is deemed unsafe by our staff will be requested to be stopped immediately.

We would remind our guests that whilst we do everything we can to keep you and your possessions safe, there are unfortunately some people in the world that see a festival campsite as an easy target, so please be vigilant, do not leave cash or valuables in your tent unattended, make friends with the neighbours and create a friendly campsite area for you all to enjoy a safe and fun few days!


In the unfortunate event that you are a victim of crime during your time at the festival, we would ask you to report the incident as soon as possible, with as much detail as you can give. Our site is monitored with CCTV continously and are security team are all linked via sophisticated radio systems, meaning we have a good chance of dealing with the crime, the quicker we can have the information.

When reporting a crime it is really helpful for our team if you are able to give them a location on the site near to where the crime took place, a toilet block, a sign etc, and also a good description of what the suspect was wearing, as this makes it a lot easier to find people in large crowds.

We advise that any mobile phones loses / thefts are first dealt with by having your service provider block your phone to stop any unauthorised use of the handset and sim card, network providers' contact details can be found in our information tent.

Please be aware that being found in possession of a flare at a music event is now a criminal offence, with a potential prison sentence. Any guest found to be in possession or using a flare will be removed from the festival immediately.

We have a lost property collection point in the main arena, it is always worth checking here for lost items, you'll be surprised how many people are good enough to hand in things they find lying on the floor!


In the event of an emergency during the festival, our safety and security team will advise you on what action to take, please pay attention and follow their instructions where required.

Should you come across an emergency situation or find yourself or another person requiring emergency assistance, please approach any of our staff, stewards or security team, who will be able to ensure the correct help and support is organised as soon as possible.

We have full medical and fire fighting facilities on-site, alongside the close support of the local emergency services.

In the rare situation of a a full site evacuation, please leave the site immediately via the designated exits, do not return to your tents to collect personal belongings.

Lost Property

A Lost Property office will be open for the duration of the festival, you can find its location on the various site maps displayed around the festival.

Please visit the Lost Property office if you have lost any personal belongings.

Keeping Safe

We want you to leave with the best memories of Hideaway Festival 2020, so here are some tips for keeping safe and making the most of your weekend with us.

  1. Agree a meeting point if you become separated from your friends or family, make sure its somewhere safe, preferably close to where staff or stewards are usually based.
  2. Take the time to get familiar with the site, where to find help if you needed it and keep a site map with you at all times.
  3. Try and find a memorable 'landmark' near to where you are camping, you'll be surprised how similar all of the tents look at night!
  4. Try and make friends with your camping neighbours, and keep an eye out for eachother.
  5. Keep your mobile phone charged, there are lots of gadgets for charging phones in a campsite, they are well worth an investment!
  6. Drink enough water, its really important to stay hydrated, but really easy to forget! There are lots of free drinking water points located around the site.
  7. If you are drinking alcohol, do it responsibly, know your limits.
  8. Keep an eye out for your friends, make sure they are drinking enough water and not too much alcohol!
  9. Carry a small torch with you, you'll be glad you did when it gets dark!
  10. Remember not to leave valuables unattended.
  11. If you take regular medication, ensure you have enough to last you for the whole weekend.
  12. Mixing prescription drugs with other legal or illegal drugs can cause serious medical problems - Don't risk it!!
  13. Be aware that some performances use strobe lighting and other special FX.
  14. Remember we are all here to help, please do not hesitate to ask if you require assistance for any reason.

Drugs Policy

Hideaway Festival does not condone the use of drugs.

Standard UK laws relating to the buying, selling or taking of drugs operate throughout the festival site, offenders will be dealt with in accordance to this law.

All drugs carry a risk, and can lead to serious physical or mental health issues, and we as a festival strongly advise against the use of any illegal drug.

However we would encourage any person who becomes unwell during the festival to be open and honest with our medical teams, to ensure you receive the correct treatment and don't put yourself at further risk.

All medical treatment is given with full patient confidentially