Welcome to Hideaway

Hideaway Festival launches this August, and we are so excited to welcome you all to experience this brand new festival for the whole family.

Unlike many other festivals in the UK, our aim from day one has been to deliver a festival that is an experience for the entire family, it goes without saying that we will have a weekend packed full of music, from some of the worlds' best artists, but there is so much more to explore at Hideaway Festival.

Your experience will start the moment you enter the magical world of Hideaway Festival, if you're staying with us for the whole weekend then your first stop will be our beautiful campsite where you can pitch your home for the festival and meet your new neighbours!

If you're just visiting for the day we'll whisk you straight into the festival itself and you can start to explore the huge variety of music, crafts, food, drinks and entertainment we have managed to squeeze into Hideaway Festival, with a main stage hosting top artists' from across the world, a second stage tucked away in the woodland and the idyllic retreat stage, where you can enjoy a variety of artists' performing, whilst you take some time to soak up the atmosphere and rest your feet.

If you are visiting with the family, we have so much for you to explore and experience, our classic fairground rides will give you all the chance to step back in time, whilst our craft village gives you the chance to try something new and make some amazing memories, make sure you explore the whole site, as we have lots of places to visit and explore tucked across the festival.

When night falls, the festival takes on a magical atmosphere, our performance stages' come to life with lighting, the woodland paths become magical walks, storytelling around the camp fire begins and the campsite becomes a bustling village full of new friends.

We really look forward to seeing you all at Hideaway Festival this year and be part of making some magical memories with you all.